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random stuff

another movie i want to watch is "bewitched" with nicole kidman and will ferrell.

another korean drama i want to watch is super rookie/new employee with eric from shinwa :D and han ga in (wife of yun jung hoon :D)and theres another hot guy in there

another movie that i watched today: "finally it is you" with karena lam and ekin cheng :) very good and it kinda had food inside so double good :D the only quote i remember is "love is not being with the person you want, but being with the person you can't live without" -karena lam

another movie coming out is "the departed", english version of infernal affairs with leonardo dicaprio as the role of tony leung and matt damon as the role of andy lau, jack nicholson, and mark wahlberg (2006)

another movie i am looking forward to is INITIAL D with JAY CHOU :), shawn yue, anthony wong, edison chen, jordan chan

another thought of the day: why...?

i think i am addicted to playing pool on yahoo with katherine

wow almost 2 weeks left to go until the finish line

6.6 physics final
6.7 physics lab final
6.8 chem final
6.9 humanities final
6.10 calculus final and then HOME :D

thats about it folks!
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