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dum de dum dum dooo yes once again I am going to say I give up, it's funny how I say multiples times that I am going to give up and such, but I just cannot? or is it because I don't want to give up, because I am thinking that there may be something more, and that something may happen, but all will be lost if I give up now? Why can't I just stop thinking about others and think of myself? I don't know...maybe I am just overanalyzing things as usual
I feel so lost, I am tired, I always feel tricked, or I always feel that I don't enough things, maybe I am too naive and gullible, too open, and too willing to put myself out there
Why do one person says something, but does entirely a different thing?
Why does one compliment or little statement/gesture make someone so happy?
Maybe I am hypocritical, and I do these things, I dunno, well I am sorry...
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