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so I have decided to give up because I decided that there is no point in pursuing something that I won't be able to get, also there are more important priorities in life such as school and work and family, but have you thought about giving up something you love? self-sacrifice i guess, sometimes one just has to give up something for the better, even though it might be painful, it just depends if one realizes to give up, and when is the time to give up
for example: i quit work, i could have done it earlier except i did it this week, should i have just quitted earlier? things would have been so much easier with school and stuff, instead of waiting until now since it is almost the end of the quarter, and i also have a two week's notice so i have to work till the beginning of week 9..maybe i should have given up earlier, but who knows? well the point is "i have given up", so i guess no matter when as long as you do it, everything will be all right?

PS. when will i ever find my "jay chou"? i doubt it OlD MAID FOR LIFE (OMFL) HAHAHAHA :P
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