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a fate come true

"you never realize what you have until it is gone" this saying is so true, but this sucks because once it is lost you finally realize how valuable it is to you, and that makes you miss it even more, and you might not even be able to retrieve it or get it back, thus one should respect and love all things right? sometimes i believe in fate, to be in the "right place at the right time", i try to think of the things i do is all due to fate and that it is incidental and that it was fate for me to make those decisions, but is there such a thing as a right place and a right time, maybe it is impossible, until it is too late, then maybe it was not meant to be huh?

have you ever wondered about horoscopes? i mean yes they are purely supposed to be entertainment, but horoscopes are kind of predicting our own fates, but usually they are not that accurate, but sometimes they are, why is that? not to be superstitious about horoscopes, but maybe everything is planned and it happens that way, but if you think that way are you just going to be passively going through life having "fate" take over, or are the choices you make "fate"?
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