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its the end

i haven't updated in a while...
well school is over since a week ago, i thought i did horrible on the math final, like REALLY horrible, i wanted to jump off a roof and commit suicide or cry in the middle of the test because it was so hard! but i checked my grades today and got a B-, so thats good!
wow one whole year at UCSD and i love was good
today i went back to alhambra high school, it was really interesting seeing all the kids in their own little worlds with their own cliques and enclaves, but when you get to college, i mean sure you still have your own friends and stuff but you are no longer separated into groups, you are kinda immersed in everything but isolated, like in highschool i feel you belong to such a group, but in college, i felt like an individual going in alone, that's about all, it was nice visiting the teachers, i saw ms. parker and mr. nichols, so sad that mr. nichols is retiring :( he wants to come back to do biomed though but something about if you retire, you cannot come back, so biomed may be out of the question
i think i had a good year at ucsd because i didn't expect much, i am not much of an athletic person, and ucsd does not have a football team, so lack of spirit in the school, but i guess i go to revelle college, and revelle is kinda the most spirited out of all the colleges since it is the oldest, and we have more money for budget and student activities, and such, like we had the watermelon drop, celebration of roger revelle's birthday, ode to the avocado, unolympics, recess, and such
my suitemates were good :)we had our times like winning the window painting contest, appetizers and deserts at TGIF! :D that was really fun, a suite thing we did! going to miss tons of people i made from sd, but i know that i will see you next year although you guys will be in marshall, warren, matthews apartment and such, but i know that you guys will always have a class at HSS or YORK or want to eat at plaza cafe! so come vist me and tracy at blake! :)thanks a lot to julie, kim, jessica, and tracy for being AWESOME suitemates and friends and putting up with my la la land and sea cucumbers ahaha :) especially to tracy! thanks also to dondra, brianna, luanne, brittany, megan, carolyn, christina, debbie, angelina, hsing, clara, jeffrey, wing, jennifer, vidhi, helen, bindi, david, daniel, alex, andy for making it a good year at ucsd :)
and thanks to all the ahsers that go to ucsd too :)
and if i forget anyone because i have a pretty bad memory THANKS TO YOU TOO! :)

i work at 99 ranch market now at gardena as cashier...stupid codes to remember for all those vegetables and fruits! so if i cant meet up with you guys its because i am at work and the only free time i have is on tuesday and thursday! okay byes! :)

leo football social was FUN! although i lost my sweater :( it is cool meeting with the new LEOers and the jay fan rebekah :P
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