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happiness =)

first of all, thanks to all those people that commented on my journal! thanks a ton of bunch! :) and I am okay guys, I will be fine, people have bad days and good days right? and i think everything worked out in the end :)

but second of all, i went to akulturation today at UCSD, it was AWESOME! it was just a show about Korean culture with live performances and such, with the singing of the anthems, beating of the drums, some shows to show how Korean culture is like, wars, and such, traditions, Korean plays with music, but best of KEN OAK! :) he was awesome! he is like another jay chou to me except that he smokes :/, but he can play cello and guitar very well! i think he plays cello better than jay! :) and i saw him upclose! i was in the first row, like 2 feet away from him! :D but most exciting was before his performance at intermission he came up to me and my friends and was like "can i see the program?" omg...he was so CLOSE hahahah i actually spoke to him :D but really good music although it was kind of sad, depressing but still GOOD, and he did this really good thing at the end where he was making his own music with different instruments with his mixer thing, i don't know how to describe was just too good! :)

but now back to math midterm tomorrow :(
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