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sungod festival

so yeah today is ucsd's annual sun god festival...whoop dee doo...nothing special..bunch of drunk people and bands/singers playing, featuring ludacris, phantom planet, and some other bands i can't think of right now, but yeah I don't know what is so special about sun god? is it because we can drink or something? i swear that every person I met today was drinking or was buzzed or drunk or something of the sort, taking my physics quiz was scary after I heard how some guys were fighting, how someone yelled "I AM FREE!" in the middle of the quiz, and how someone fell or fainted on the steps(? I don't know what happened), I really do not see what is the big fuss of alcohol and drinking, I mean its just a drink, what else can it be? (the freedom to drink, to do something that is prohibited to us?, to violate the rules?, i really do not know) but i think it is kind of stupid if I drink it and end up acting like an idiot such as playing in the price center fountain with bubbles and rubber duckies and floatie mats and stuff, and just risking myself out there by doing crazy things like walking across the street when it is red, i don't know...I mean I am not against or hate those who drink, I just do not see the hype about it, sure I have not tried it, I don't want to try it (thinking of it makes me barf), I just don't understand why someone would try something that would make you lose brain cells (I guess this scenario is similar to the people that smoke and do drugs and stuff)

On other news: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUDMILLA! :) and BRIANA (suitemate), I hope you had fun today Ludmilla! Morgen, simon, and Cindy came down, and then we hung out for ludmilla's birthday with gary, courtney, tricia, and shamin, it was fun stuff..we were all sober, we went to la jolla cove :) and then to the cliffs and then just sitting talking about is funny how we were sober talking about drinking :P
Also I found underwear on the bathroom floor right underneath my towel :/
Thanks to Simon for driving me back home! you're the best! :) thanks to cindy and morgen, i haven't talked to you guys for so long..i love your questions of finding yourself morgen! :)

So lesson of the day: Why?
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